Executive and Staff Activity for December 2013

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  • 1-2 December: The EPS Executive Committee officers, M. Knoop, C. Latimer and J. Lister met with D. Lee and F. Burr at the EPS Secretariat to discuss staffing and budget issues
  • 2 December: EPS president, J. Dudley visits the French CEA to present the International Year of Light 2015 initiative in Paris, France
  • 3 December: EPS President J. Dudley, inaugurates as EPS Historic Sites the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, and meets with members of the Danish Physical Society
  • 5 December: EPS Vice-President L. Cifarelli inaugurates as EPS Historic Site the AdA electron-positron collider of INFN Frascati National Laboratory, Rome, Italy
  • 4-5 December: EPS Secretary General David Lee attends Open Science Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 9-11 December: EPS Member service officer, G. Gunaratnam and N. Wicky met with the Romanian Physical Society to discuss membership issues
  • 10-11 December: The Inspiring Science Education consortium met in Paris, France, to discuss the progress of this EU financed project. The EPS was the host of the meeting, and it was organised by EPS Communication officers B. Huchet and J. Rivero González
  • 13 December: EPS President J. Dudley attends the European Photonics Industry Consortium Meeting to present the International Year of Light 2015 initiative in Brussels, Belgium
  • 13 December: Physics for Development group, including EPS Executive Committee officer M. Knoop, held a meeting by video-conference
  • 19 December: EPS President J. Dudley attends the Opening of the International Max Planck Partnership in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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