Season’s greetings

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I would like to take this opportunity of wishing all the readers of e-EPS a very happy holiday season, and extend my best wishes for the New Year 2014. I would also like to reflect a bit on 2013, and how the European Physical Society [EPS] has evolved over the past year.

It is no secret to scientists that the European Commission and the European Parliament have and will continue to shape science policy in Europe. This sets scientists a bit apart from other citizens in Europe, who see Europe as another bureaucratic layer. The EPS has fully embraced the challenge of constructively interacting with European policy makers, organising many point to point meetings with senior European Commission [EC] officials, and providing input into European science policy.

Season’s greetings

In this context, the EPS commissioned a report on the Importance of Physics to the Economies of Europe. From the analysis of public domain statistics, the conclusion is that activities and businesses related to physics-based industries have indeed contributed significantly to employment, innovation and growth in Europe. This is a message that the EPS has taken to policy makers at the European and international level.

The EPS has also been active in promoting the interaction of scientists to discuss issues of common importance. The recent EPS Statement on Managing the Transition to Open Access Publication, now a joint statement with EuCheMS is an example of close cooperation among scientists from different disciplines. With the organisation of the 3rd European Energy Conference in Budapest in October 2013 with EuCheMS and the E-MRS, the EPS and its partners brought to the attention of European policy makers advances in energy research in large range of scientific fields, demonstrating the importance of both fundamental and applied research.

On an international level, the EPS co-organised the 3rd Asia Europe Physics Summit, which took place in Chiba, Japan in July. Physics is international, and strengthening ties between individuals and institutions in Europe and Asia will be beneficial in research around the globe.

The EPS, under the leadership of President, John Dudley continued to spearhead efforts to declare 2015 as the International Year of Light. The EPS and other founding partners have generated a groundswell of support that will hopefully see its efforts rewarded soon.

These are only a few of the highlights from 2013, which have made for a bright and successful year. With the continued support from the volunteers, and our Members, 2014 looks to another year full of promise for the EPS.

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