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The EPS was invited to attend the recent OECD Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy, which was held in Istanbul on 22-23 October 2013. The EPS was represented by Colin Latimer, EPS Treasurer.

Most OECD countries are still struggling to recover from the financial crisis of 2008 and the emerging economies have also been faced with a more recent downturn. Weak global economic growth has placed government budgets for science and innovation under threat in many countries. Previously planned increases have commonly been revised downwards. In this context the role of science and innovation as a source of economic growth has to be re-asserted and even strengthened.

Here, the EPS with its recent report on “The Importance of Physics to the Economies of Europe”, which clearly demonstrates the importance of physics to European and national economies, was able to play a leading role in providing much needed evidence for the importance of science to the economic debate on how to achieve a sustained global economic recovery.

More information on the OECD Forum is available here.

The EPS report on “The Importance of Physics to the Economies of Europe” can be downloaded here.

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