Call for EPS Fellows and Honorary Members

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EPS Members are invited to nominate EPS Individual Members as EPS Fellows. Individuals whose achievements in physics, whether in research, industry or education and/or through commitment to the EPS warrant specific recognition are eligible to become EPS Fellows. Nominations should be sent to EPS Secretary General, David Lee, by 31 January 2014.

More information about EPS Fellows, including the list of current EPS Fellows and the rules for nomination, is available on the EPS website.

EPS Members are invited to nominate outstanding individuals as Honorary Members of the EPS.
Distinguished persons whose outstanding achievements in physics or a related science whom the European Physical Society especially desires to honour can be elected EPS Honorary Members. In addition, distinguished individuals whom the EPS may desire to honour for exceptional service to the Society in furtherance of its aims and objectives shall also be eligible to become Honorary Members.

Nominations should be made no later than 15 January 2014 to Prof. L. Cifarelli.
More information, including the list of current EPS Honorary Members and the rules for nomination, is available on the EPS website.

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