CERN welcomes Ukraine as an Associate Member

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Since the 3 October 2013, Ukraine is an Associate Member of CERN. It represents the first step for Ukraine to become a full member of CERN and a concrete step towards the integration of Ukraine into Europe.

CERN Director General Rolf Heuer and the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Kostyantyn Ivanovych Gryschenko signed the document in Geneva. The signature fulfils a long collaboration between Ukraine and CERN, beginning with a Co-operation Agreement in 1993. The relation was further strengthened in 2011 through a join Declaration setting priorities in scientific and technical cooperation.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine K.I. Gryschenko and CERN Director General R. Heuer
Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine K.I. Gryschenko (left) and
CERN Director General R. Heuer (right)

The status of Associate Membership opens many opportunities, allowing Ukrainian scientists to become members of the CERN staff, and participate in training and career development programmes. Technological collaboration with CERN will also become possible for Ukrainian industry.

Since its foundation in 1954, the CERN membership has grown from 12 to 20 states. Scientists from all over Europe – and beyond – have achieved together numerous outstanding contributions to the field of particle physics and beyond. CERN is a concrete example of the success of European scientific collaboration.

More information is available on the CERN website.

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