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The European Physical Society [EPS], together with the Institute of Physics [IOP], Société Française de Physique [SFP] and Società Italiana di Fisica [SIF], is one of the founding societies of the well known Europhysics Letters journal, now rebranded as EPL. EPL has celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011 and has now acquired a maturity to allow for new publication policies. In order to keep abreast with the rapidly changing landscape of copyright and licencing regulations EPL has made amendments to its copyright policy.

EPL Open Access

Those articles published in EPL through payment of a fee under the gold (hybrid) open access scheme now allow authors and third parties to use the published article as described in the ‘Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence’. These rights allow users to copy, distribute and display the published version of the article and create derivative works, subject to appropriate attribution.

All other articles published in EPL follow a green open access policy allowing authors to use all or part of the article in personal compilations or other publications of the authors’ own works, including the authors’ personal home pages, and to make copies of all or part of the article for the authors’ use for lecture or classroom purposes. After an embargo period of 12 months from the date of first publication, authors may then include the accepted manuscript (all or part), as long as files prepared and/or formatted by EPL are not used, (a) on websites of the institution (including its repository) where the authors worked when research for the article was carried out; (b) on third-party websites, including e-print servers, but not on other publisher’s websites.

In addition, authors still retain all proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights and, to the extent that there are moral rights in the article, the authors expressly reserve and assert their moral rights to be identified as authors of the article.

Full details can be found on the EPL website.

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