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The 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference [IPAC’14] will take place from 15 to 20 June 2014 in Dresden, Germany.

The conference is organised by the European Physical Society Accelerator Group [EPS-AG] and is a forum for important stakeholders working in the field of particle accelerators to discuss the latest developments in research and technology. IPAC’14 marks the return of this important conference to Europe since its second edition IPAC’11. The conference moves between Asia, Europe and North America on a three-year cycle, the previous being held in Shanghai, China, in 2013.

IPAC’14 will be comprised of nine different sessions covering a broad range of topics in the accelerator field, namely: Circular and linear colliders; Synchrotron light sources and FELs; Particle sources and alternative acceleration techniques hadron accelerators; Beam dynamics and electromagnetic fields; Instrumentation, controls, feedback & operational aspects; Accelerator technology main systems; Applications of accelerators; Industry, technology transfer and industrial relations.

The scientific programme will consist of invited oral, contributed oral, and poster presentations. Proceedings from IPAC’14 will be published on the the Joint Accelerator Conferences Website [JACoW]. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 4 December 2013.

The EPS-AG will also award its prizes at IPAC ’14, and invites nominations for the 2014 European Accelerator Prizes:

  • The Rolf Wideröe Prize for outstanding work in the accelerator field.
  • The Gersh Budker Prize for a recent, significant contribution to the accelerator field.
  • The Frank Sacherer Prize for an early career individual who has made a recent significant, original contribution to the accelerator field.
  • A prize, awarded to a student registered for a PhD/diploma in accelerator physics or engineering or to a trainee accelerator physicist or engineer in the educational phase of their professional career, for the quality of work and promise for the future.
  • Best student posters, awarded to two students whose work, presented in the special session for students is particularly meritorious.

More information on the nomination procedure is available on the IPAC’14 website.

For more information on IPAC’14, please visit the conference website .

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