EPS Executive and Staff Activity for June 2013

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What follows is a short list of the various activities of EPS Executive Committee and staff for the last month. By providing a summary every month, we hope to inform all EPS’s members of the various ways in which the Executive Committee and Secretariat can provide support.

  • 4 June: EPS Secretary General D. Lee attends Board Meeting of Condensed Matter Division in Paris (FR)
  • 5 June: EPS Secretary General D. Lee, and EPS EPN Editor C. Sebenne attend EPN Core Group meeting in Avignon (FR)
  • 7 June: EPS President J. Dudley and EPS Secretary General meet with IOP CEO Paul Hardaker in Mulhouse (FR)
  • 7-8 June: EPS Executive Committee Meeting held in Mulhouse (FR)
  • 10 June: EPS President J. Dudley meets DG of CERN in Geneva to discuss the International Year of Light (CH)
  • 11 June: EPS Secretary General, D. Lee meets with G. Neuneck, deputy director of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Disarmament, Arms Control and Risk Technologies [IFAR²] of the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (DE) to discuss a European workshop on nuclear disarmament.
  • 15 June: EPS Honorary Secretary M. Knoop attends the Physics for Development Group Board Meeting in Lausanne (CH)
  • 17-18 June: EPS Secretary General D. Lee and EPS Committee of European Integration Chair G. Đorđević meet UNESCO and ICTP representatives at the UNESCO Vienna Office to discuss H2020 initiatives (AT)
  • 17 June: EPS Vice President L. Cifarelli attends the APS Executive Board Retreat, meeting on international affairs, at Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire (UK)
  • 21-22 June: EPS Young Minds Leadership Meeting held at Mulhouse (FR)
  • 21 June: EPS Vice President L. Cifarelli presents the Physics and Economy Report at CERN Council (CH)
  • 27 June: EPS President J. Dudley attends ICAN workshop discussing the role of Learned Societies in laser infrastructure initiatives for accelerator technologies (CH)

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