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The SRB solar thermal panel1
by C. Benvenuti

Can one build a solar thermal collector which reaches 400 °C even without using focusing mirrors? Yes we can, says SRB Energy, a company aiming at industrially producing a flat panel solar collector patented at CERN in 2003. The distinctive feature of this collector is the high efficiency achieved thanks to the vacuum maintained by a getter pump powered by the sun.

The force of a tiny synthetic machine2
by Tiziana Svaldo-Lanero and Anne-Sophie Duwez

In order to function, living organisms use an amazing number of molecular machines. These machines are essential in controlling and performing numerous biological functions, like muscle contraction or intracellular transport. They are able to rectify random thermal motion to generate force and carry out macroscopic tasks. This ability has inspired attempts to create synthetic machines exhibiting control over motion to perform work.

Making the Elements in the Universe3
by Karlheinz Langanke and Friedrich-Karl Thielemann

Nuclear Astrophysics combines astronomy/astrophysics with nuclear physics and aims at unveiling the origin of the chemical elements and the astrophysical sites where they are formed. Recent years have witnessed tremendous advances in powerful observatories, laboratory reaction measurements, radioactive ion-beam facilities providing highly unstable nuclei, and progress in astrophysical and nuclear modeling.

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