Institute of Physics Awards Dinner

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The Institute of Physics [IoP] Awards Dinner 2012, held in London on 3 October, attracted a record attendance of over 600 physicists.

The IoP President, Sir Peter Knight, a Fellow of the European Physical Society [EPS], highlighted in his address a new IoP report, which showed, yet again, the lamentable number of girls studying physics in the UK despite years of effort to improve matters.

The President’s Medal was presented to Brian Cox of the Manchester University in recognition of his outstanding success in promoting science to the general public, which has made him a TV physics celebrity – perhaps this explains the large attendance!

The importance now attached by the IoP to promoting physics in the media was emphasised by the creation of a new prize for physics journalism.

In addition to the subject based medals and prizes, bilateral awards with the French, German and Italian Physical societies were also celebrated. Eugenio Coccia of the University of Rome, an EPS stalwart, was present to receive the Occhialini Medal and Prize. The treasurer of the EPS, Colin Latimer, was presented with the Phillips Award for distinguished service to the Institute.

For more information please visit the IoP website.

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